Play buys renewable certificates on large scale

P4, the operator of the Play network, has partnered with Respect Energy, a provider of renewable energy, the company said. “The supplied energy has the so-called guarantee of origin, i.e. a certificate confirming its acquisition from hydroelectric power plants, wind farms or the sun ”.

Play announced today that the iliad Group summed up the implementation of the climate commitments announced in January this year. The activities were divided into three stages, the first of which – using only green energy – has already been carried out on the French and Italian markets. By the end of this year, 100% of the electricity used by the Group for its operations will come from renewable sources. This means a reduction in CO2 emissions by almost 138,000 tonnes from 2021, which is the equivalent of the annual carbon dioxide emissions of 50,000 cars. Play, which is part of the iliad Group, is also committed to achieving this goal.

The purchased volume will cover 100 percent of Play’s demand, which in the second half of this year will amount to nearly 120 million kWh, and in the next over 250 million kWh, was noted.

“The future of our planet has become a global challenge not only for citizens and international organizations, but also for companies. We at Play, being part of the iliad Group, have decided to take specific measures to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions and make Poland a better and safer country to live in, ”said Play’s president Jean Marc Harion.


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