Play Group has taken over the telecommunications operator Syrion

Play Group has acquired 100% of the shares of the telecommunications operator Syrion, the company announced.

This transaction will contribute to expanding the range of fiber-optic internet and digital television services, providing individual and business customers with the highest quality of services and freedom of choice.

Syrion operates on the basis of 3,000 km of fiber optic network with a range of over 86,000 households in over 80 towns in three provinces: Śląskie, Opolskie and Lubelskie. It offers access to the Internet, telecommunication services and digital television to individual, business and wholesale customers.

“As a leader in the telecommunications industry, Play Group invests heavily in the development of its mobile and fiber-optic network and is constantly looking for business opportunities to expand the range of its services to the benefit of customers in Poland. The investment in Syrion supports the implementation of our goal, which is to provide customers in Poland with the widest possible access to the highest quality mobile services, the fastest fiber-optic internet and digital television, ensuring their freedom of choice,” said Jean Marc Harion, CEO of Play Group, quoted in the release.

Play Group, the leader of the telecommunications market, with a modern mobile infrastructure with over 10,800 base stations and a fixed infrastructure with 16,000 km of optical fibers, offers its telecommunications services also for the B2B market. It provides comprehensive cloud solutions (Cloud2B), mobile services and integrated communication, access to the Internet and digital tools, development of network projects (including construction and maintenance of fiber optic networks for business clients), as well as comprehensive security services.


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