Play and Exatel signed an agreement on solutions for business and the public sector

Play and Exatel have signed an agreement thanks to which they will offer comprehensive telecommunications solutions for business and the public sector, Play reported.

“At Grupa Play, we offer comprehensive services for business, based on state-of-the-art telecommunications infrastructure, advanced and secure cloud and ICT solutions, supported by expert knowledge recognized on the market. We are a partner thanks to which Polish companies can accelerate their development and respond even better to the needs of their clients. I believe that cooperation with Exatel will help to provide even more business customers and public institutions with ICT solutions that are best suited to their needs,” said Jean Marc Harion, President of Play Group, quoted in the release.

“Since Exatel became a State Treasury company in 2017, we have been building the competences of an operator of strategic networks for defence, internal security and critical infrastructure. We have developed our fiber optic network, built a cybersecurity team, have our own satellite teleport, research and development team and our own SDN telecommunications technologies. Today, thanks to the strategic partnership with Play, based on its state-of-the-art infrastructure, we will be able to quickly develop a whole range of mobile telephony services. Exatel and Play perfectly complement each other in terms of product portfolio and experience. We will use the synergy of the backbone and Exatel network and the Play access network to jointly offer comprehensive telecommunications services to our clients. Together, we can fight for the position of a leader in telecommunications services for B2B in the public sector in Poland,” pointed out the president of Exatel, Nikodem Bończa Tomaszewski.

Play Group, the leader of the telecommunications market, with a modern mobile infrastructure with over 10,800 base stations and a fixed infrastructure with 16,000 km of optical fibers, offers its telecommunications services also for the B2B market. It provides comprehensive cloud solutions (Cloud2B), mobile services and integrated communication, access to the Internet and digital tools, development of network projects (including construction and maintenance of fiber optic networks for business clients), as well as comprehensive security services. They enable dynamic business development.

Exatel is a Polish telecommunications operator, provider of ICT, cybersecurity and satellite communication services. It has 22,000 km of fiber optic network in Poland. It provides data transmission in all Polish commercial banks and energy sector companies. He designed and built the OST network for government administration communications. As part of R&D projects, he created proprietary solutions, such as Polish anti-DDoS TAMA, TAMAPro7, SDNbox, SDNcore.


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