Platige Image raises 6 mln pln in gaming push

Platige Image has completed a private issue of shares, in which 5 institutional investors acquired 240,000 shares, representing 7% of the capital, the company said. The capital raised in the amount of PLN 6 million will be entirely allocated to the implementation of the first gaming projects, in connection with the company’s new strategy for 2021-2025.

The issue of Platige Image shares was carried out in the form of a private subscription, and the shares were offered only to qualified investors. The company’s shares were offered at PLN 25 per share. The group of shareholders was joined by a fund managed by Rockbridge TFI.

Platige Image is a 3D animation and post-production studio from Warsaw. The company is an artistic conglomerate which for several years has been creating visually strong and technologically advanced projects for the world of advertising, film, art, education and entertainment. The company is listed on NewConnect.


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