Platige Image increased its revenues by 17% yoy to PLN 106.46 million in 2021

Platige Image increased revenues by 17% y / y to PLN 106.46 million in 2021, exceeding the threshold of PLN 100 million for the first time, the company said. Also other financial ratios, including operating profit and net profit, were at their highest levels in history, it was underlined.

“Exceeding the historically highest sales revenues of the group, i.e. a barrier of over PLN 100 million, and record financial results are the result of intensive sales activities of individual departments and the preparation of production teams and support to handle a larger scale of production. Last year was a record year for the capital group, at the same time we hope that the next several months, which are related to the 25th anniversary of Platige Image, will be a time of even more intensive development of our business, ”said the president of Platige Image, Karol Żbikowski, quoted in the announcement.

In 2021, the Platige Image Group increased its sales profit by 153% y / y to PLN 6.6 million, while the EBITDA result was PLN 12.4 million and was higher than the 2020 EBITDA by PLN 3.5 million.

Platige Image is a 3D animation and post-production studio from Warsaw. He creates projects for the world of advertising, film, art, education and entertainment. The company is listed on NewConnect.

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