Plantalux expets to triple revenues in 2022

Plantalux - from the portfolio of JR Holding ASI - hopes to increase revenues this year to PLN 20 million from approx. PLN 7 million last year, Rafał Lachowski, board member of the company, informed ISBnews. With the further dynamic development of the company, he believes that entering the stock exchange is "an option for the near future".

"Plantalux generated about PLN 7 million in revenues last year. Gross profit for the previous year amounted to approximately PLN 2 million. We are recording a dynamic growth and we hope that this year we will achieve PLN 20 million in sales. The challenging factor is the economic situation, but with rising energy commodity prices, our energy-saving products are in demand, "Lachowski told ISBnews.

“Plantalux is one of our newest investments. It has very innovative products that attract customers' interest and successfully compete on foreign markets. The company is growing exponentially, which was also noticed by the jury of the Entrepreneur of the Year competition, in which the founders of Plantaluxa were the finalists. Thanks to the energy efficiency of its products, the company is in line with the energy transformation trend and fits well into our portfolio, in which we focus on companies from the industries of the future, ”commented the president of JR Holding ASI January Ciszewski for ISBnews.

Plantalux deals with advanced technology to support plant growth in a strictly controlled environment (greenhouses, turkey farms). The company's main products are advanced LED lamps and control systems. Plantalux has its own photometric laboratory and a turkey research and development center, where work on new products is carried out. The recipients of Plantalux products are greenhouses and indoor farms (including vertical farms).

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