PKP Mobility challenges car rental firms

The Polish State Railways (PKP) has been conducting a pilot hourly electric car rental for almost a year. For now, the service is still available only in the Tri-City. The number of cars is modest compared to the fleet of major players in this market. The expert argues that if PKP Mobility had the goal of throwing a glove to the giants of the market, “it would obviously be a pointless action.” But the railroad workers argue that the goal is different.

It started on August 17, 2020 – it was then that the railway car-sharing service for electric cars was inaugurated at the Gdynia Główna railway station, and less than a month later, its availability was also extended to Gdańsk Główny and Gdańsk Wrzeszcz.

“Both the length of the rental period and the number of kilometers traveled vary greatly. (…)The longest distance traveled during a single rental in the PKP Mobility service was over a thousand kilometers – explains Michał Stilger, spokesman for PKP S.A.

“(…)The idea of ​​railwaymen, however, is to care for the so-called last mile, so by combining their haulage service with the experience of an external partner who owns cars, they want to entice passengers from using their own vehicles. Similar cooperation applies to bicycles. This will increase the accessibility of the railways, if, of course, it is larger and works properly” – comments Adrian Furgalski, president of the TOR Economic Advisors Team, in an interview with Business Insider Polska.


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