PKP PLK maintenance companies ordered five network trains for about PLN 40 million

Four companies of the PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe (PKP PLK) capital group have signed contracts worth about PLN 40 million for the purchase of 5 trains for work on the traction network, PKP PLK reported. Deliveries of network trains are planned for 2022. Then, by 2023, permits authorizing the operation of vehicles on the railway network in Poland will be obtained.

“Thanks to the capital injection of PLN 850 million, it is possible to provide additional equipment to the subsidiaries of PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A. with modern specialized equipment for work in the energy industry. We are increasing the potential we already have, and this will allow for more effective involvement in the investment process. The companies will also expand the range of services – especially in the energy sector, in which external entities currently work, ”said President Ireneusz Merchel, quoted in the release.

The subsidiaries in question are Dolnośląskie Przedsiębiorstwo Montaż Infrastruktury Komunikacyjnych DOLKOM, Pomorskie Przedsiębiorstwo Mechaniczno-Torowe, Przedsiębiorstwo Repair i U Maintania Infrastruktury Kolejowej in Kraków and Zakład Robót Komunikacyjnych – DOM in Poznań.


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