PKP Energetyka tenders for first hydrogen traction energy storage system

PKP Energetyka has announced a tender for the supply of components for the construction of a hydrogen-based energy storage system, the company said. It will be the first solution of this type dedicated to railways in Poland.

“The first in Poland, innovative microgrid dedicated to the railway sector, will be built in Garbce, which will use the most modern, ecological solutions based on hydrogen. This ecosystem will have a positive impact not only on the stability of the railway power supply system, but will also be environmentally friendly, thanks to the production of ‘green hydrogen’, ‘said Professor Grzegorz Benysek, who previously cooperated with PKP Energetyka on the traction energy storage facility launched in July 2021.

The hydrogen produced will be 100% green – obtained in the electrolysis process thanks to the energy coming from the sun. (…) The implementation of this type of technological solution may be another important step in the development of Polish railways, it was also stated.

PKP Energetyka is one of the largest energy companies in Poland. Responsible for the reliability and quality of energy supplies for rail transport. PKP Energetyka has been operating since 2001, and since 2015 it has been part of one of the largest investment funds in the world – CVC Capital Partners.


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