PKO BP wants to accelerate development in the Metaverse, build more VR models of branches

PKO Bank Polski wants to accelerate development in Metaverse and cooperate with external companies for design work and maintenance of virtual spaces, the bank said. The bank intends to build further virtual reality (VR) models for its branches.

“Our experience with the Metaverse so far has been very positive. The virtual PKO Rotunda embedded on the Decentraland platform still serves as a digital laboratory, but we are reaching the point where it is too small for us. We have made the decision to increase our presence in the Metaverse and accelerate the know-how building process. In the next step, we decided to start a wider cooperation with external companies that will support us in design work. This model will allow us to simultaneously develop on various gaming platforms, such as Fortnite or Roblox, and metaversal platforms, such as The Sandbox, where we want to create attractive and engaging virtual spaces,” said Marek Myszka, director of the Innovation Office at PKO Bank Polski, quoted in the release. .

PKO BP plans to build space on gaming platforms – Fortnite, Roblox and develop activity on Metaverse Decentraland, The Sandbox platforms.

PKO Bank Polski has been present on the Decentraland platform since 2022, where it was the first bank in Poland to launch its virtual branch – a digital copy of the Warsaw PKO Rotunda.

“The branch acts as a digital laboratory for the development of tools dedicated to the Metaverse area. Through it, the bank tests various forms of user involvement and builds know-how in the field of presence in the virtual world.

PKO Bank Polski is the leader of the Polish banking sector. The bank’s shares have been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since November 2004; is included in the WIG20 index. Total assets of the bank amounted to PLN 431.45 billion at the end of 2022.


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