PKN Orlen wants to create 10 hydrogen hubs as part of the hydrogen strategy by 2030

As part of the implementation of PKN Orlen’s hydrogen strategy, a total of 10 hydrogen hubs will be built by 2030, the first of which is already operating in Trzebinia, announced President Daniel Obajtek.

“The first hydrogen hub in Trzebinia has the capacity to produce 40 kg of hydrogen per hour. The second will be built in Włocławek with a capacity of 170 kg per hour, we are at the stage of selecting the contractor, and the third will start next year in Płock, with similar parameters, ”Obajtek said during the press conference.

Other hydrogen hubs include Hub Północ, Hub Południe, Hub Ostrołęka, Hub Offshore, Hub Bystra and Hub Litvinov.

PKN Orlen’s hydrogen strategy provides for a capex of PLN 7.4 billion, including PLN 6.8 billion in the years 2025-2030 and PLN 0.6 billion by 2024. Out of the total amount, PLN 2 billion is to be allocated to the decarbonisation of assets, 4 , PLN 1 billion for hydrogen production and infrastructure for mobility, PLN 0.9 billion for RES electrolysers and PLN 0.4 billion for research and development.

PKN Orlen already produces approx. 340 thousand. tonnes of hydrogen per year, and as part of the strategy by 2030, it wants to increase this production by 60 thousand. tonnes of low- and zero-emission hydrogen.


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