PKN Orlen to install fast-chargers at 150 service stations in Poland

PKN Orlen has stepped up its programme of building electric vehicle charging infrastructure by selecting a total of 150 service stations in urban areas and on main transit roads to deploy electric chargers.

During the initial phase of the retailer’s pilot programme around 50 fast charging points will be deployed by the end of 2019.

“We view electric mobility as a major growth opportunity. There are also regulatory issues. For instance the emissions charge, which has been designed to support electric mobility and which we see as our investment in advancing the development of an alternative fuels market,” said Daniel Obajtek, President of the PKN ORLEN Management Board.

Committed to advancing e-mobility, PKN Orlen is set to take full advantage of the business opportunities offered by the law on biofuels. The company has pledged not to pass the costs of the emissions charge on motorists, considering it investment in the building of an alternative fuels market.

“For us it is imperative to secure a strong first-mover position, so we have decided to expand our pilot programme by almost doubling the number of service stations covered,” added Obajtek.

The 50 kW charging stations are designed for both electric (EV) and hybrid (PHEV) vehicles and enables the simultaneous charging of four vehicles.

The ORLEN network also sells other types of alternative fuels. Last year saw the pilot launch of the first refuelling point for hydrogen-powered cars at the company’s German station operating under the STAR brand in Mülheim, with further efforts planned this year to develop the hydrogen refuelling infrastructure. In addition, 35 ORLEN stations located in the Czech Republic sell CNG.



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