PKN Orlen partners with Saule Technologies for light-powered labels

As part of the Orlen Skylight Accelerator program, PKN Orlen has signed a letter of intent to cooperate with Saule Technologies, which has developed and produces the world’s first light-powered labels, i.e. using perovskite photovoltaic cells, Orlen reported. Saule announced that in addition to PKN Orlen, the tests will be carried out in cooperation with Google Cloud Platform and in the Maspex Group network.

“PKN Orlen is consistently developing a modern network of petrol stations, also with the use of modern solutions. This time, the concern used innovative technology that uses photovoltaic power. In the store, at one of the Orlen stations in Warsaw, special labels powered by light will appear. This is the first stage of technology development that will enable the display of messages for customers, including information about promotions or loyalty campaigns”.

Labels using perovskite photovoltaic cells will be tested in the store at the Orlen station in Warsaw. The innovative solution will enable remote management of messages displayed on these labels. It will also shorten the time of describing products and thus accelerate and increase their availability for customers.

“The implementation of research and development projects and the use of innovative solutions are already permanently inscribed in the mission of building a multi-energy concern with a strong position on the international market. Cooperation with technology companies allows us to build a competitive advantage and develop in accordance with the strategic goals assumed, among others, by use of low-emission technologies. We are the leader of change. So once again we use the latest solutions to create, develop and support our modern network of petrol stations, ”said the president of PKN Orlen, Daniel Obajtek.


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