Energa Lighting test charging electric cars via lighting poles.

Two pilot electric vehicle charging stations on lighting poles were installed in Gdynia by Energa Lighting. This is an innovative solution in Poland. Devices available at ul. Komandorska in the Grabówek district are intended for use by individual customers.

Energa Edukacja, a subsidiary of Energa from the Orlen Group, will mainly check the effectiveness of chargers on lighting poles operating in conjunction, i.e. connected in a larger number to one lighting control system. This type of device can handle lighting circuits from a few to a dozen or so lamps, so it is important to analyze the efficiency and reliability of the system extended by more than one station.

“The construction of a charging station on the existing lighting infrastructure is a novelty on the Polish market. Connecting vehicle charging stations with the lighting infrastructure allows you to use the power reserves obtained thanks to the modernization of lighting and provide greater access to the charging station for residents. This undertaking sets a new direction for the development of electromobility – it can be called electromobility. close, available to every owner of an electric vehicle “- said Marcin Stojek, vice-president of the management board of Energia Edukacja, Marcin Stojek, quoted in the press release.


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