Pikoteka’s virtual gallery wants to obtain PLN 2.5 million for further development

Pikoteka's virtual art gallery wants to raise PLN 2.5 million for further market expansion, the company said.

"Poles like to invest in what is 'tangible' - real estate, precious metals or works of art. In the case of housing, however, the challenge is the huge amounts needed to make an investment or the issue of having high creditworthiness. Moreover, the attractiveness of investing in real estate is declining sharply after the recent interest rate increases. Meanwhile, another form of capital investment is available at your fingertips - works of art. In online galleries such as Pikoteka, the prices of works that can constitute a long-term investment start at several hundred zlotys, ”said Łukasz Blichewicz, president of the Assay Group, which invested in Pikoteka, as quoted in the release.

“We want to allocate the invested funds to the technological development of our portal, its further modernization and adaptation to the needs of various types of customers. Our goal is also to create a modern sales department that will optimize the operation of all distribution channels, including the B2B channel. We will also invite other young, talented artists to cooperate, ”added the founder of Pikoteka, Robert Kaczmarski.

“Pikoteka is an art gallery of the 21st century. Our goal is to present an innovative approach to art at a good price. We have built a modern online sales platform. As part of it, we offer the works of the most interesting young artists, cooperating with them on a long-term basis on partnership terms. The evaluation of the artistic and investment value is supervised by specialists in the acquisition of works, with experience in trade and historical and artistic knowledge, ”Kaczmarski also pointed out. 

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