Photovoltaics: New panels from a Polish startup could be a revolution

Photovoltaics is constantly being developed. An example is a Polish startup that is starting the production of a new type of reflected light photovoltaic panels.

“First of all in the approach to light. In the H4E Reverse modules, the current is generated from the focused reflected light. Only this much and so much. Thanks to this technology, it was possible to obtain several parameters that encourage you to revise your views on photovoltaics. On the one hand, enormous efficiency and, on the other hand, low production costs – ensuring such proportions is possible thanks to leaving only 15% of the surface as solar modules, and the remaining surface was replaced with a mirror “- says Maciej Kwiatkowski from Hub4Energy.

Solar panel 80% cheaper
The Polish technology startup Hub4Energy is just starting the production of a new type of reflected light photovoltaic panels. The low price of the modules is possible due to the fact that reflected light is used to produce electricity, and not directly incident on the modules. Only 60W modules are used to obtain a power of 320W. The remaining structure is a mirror, which is several times cheaper than the photovoltaic module used in the production of classic panels. Photovoltaics could revolutionize.

Despite the great yields achieved by Hub4Energy’s panels, it doesn’t want to stop there. Currently, he is focusing on the search and testing of coatings for a light-reflecting surface that will only reflect the spectrum of light that produces electricity. Such a selective approach will allow to obtain better thermal parameters (lower heating) of photovoltaic modules, which generate electricity from this reflected light.


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