Pharmena will expand sales of 1-MNA molecule products to include postcovid therapy

Pharmena, which is listed on NewConnect, has patent protection for the use of the 1-MNA molecule, intends to extend the product sales strategy to include with postcovid therapy.

Taking into account the results of the latest studies that have confirmed the positive effect of the use of 1-MNA in people with complications resulting from the passage of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

“This is a special moment in the potential widespread use of 1-MNA. The results of studies in patients with complications arising from COVID-19 disease indicate that the use of 1-MNA in therapy has reduced adverse symptoms, said the president of Pharmena, Konrad Palka.

Pharmena is the only producer of dietary supplements under the Menavitin brand and dermocosmetics under the Dermena and Allerco brands containing the 1-MNA molecule.

Pharmena is a biotechnology company whose main area of ​​activity is the development and commercialization of innovative products based on the patented physiological and natural active substance 1-MNA. In 2019, it switched to the WSE main market from NewConnect, where it was listed since 2008.


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