Pharmena has distribution agreements with Longevity Lunch Lab for the markest of the USA, Canada and Mexico

Pharmena has signed distribution agreements with Longevity Lunch Lab for the sale of dietary supplements containing the 1-MNA molecule under the Endotelio brand and dermocosmetic products under the Dermena brand for the markets of the USA, Canada and Mexico, the company announced. Each of the agreements was concluded for a period of 3 years with the possibility of its extension.

“We have just signed new contracts for foreign distribution of products on such significant markets as the USA, Canada and Mexico. The contracts concern the sale of our dietary supplements containing the innovative 1-MNA molecule, which will be available under the Endotelio brand, and dermocosmetic products, whose offer will be valid under the Dermena brand. This gives us great potential for development, further revenue growth and geographical diversification of sales,” said President Konrad Palka, quoted in the release.

Longevity Lunch Lab. LLC, deals with business development for the Boulder Longevity Institute, an innovative medical clinic based in Boulder, Colorado founded in 2006, whose goal is to offer clients the most advanced, research-based products in the area of ​​anti-aging, so-called anti-aging. anti aging. Headquartered in Denver Colorado, Lunch Group works closely with strategic industry partners, including Longevity Labs Inc, a direct distribution and marketing company for specialty nutritional supplements in North America, as listed in the release.

Pharmena is a biotechnology company whose main area of ​​activity is the development and commercialization of innovative products based on the patented physiological and natural active substance 1-MNA. In 2019, it moved to the main market of the Warsaw Stock Exchange from NewConnect, where it was listed since 2008.

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