PGNiG will invest PLN 700 million in the Lubartów and Dębno oil and natural gas mines

Polskie Górnictwo Naftowe i Gazownictwo (PGNiG) will invest PLN 700 million over four years in two of the largest crude oil and natural gas mines in the country: Lubiatów and Dębno, the company said. The effect will be an increase in the production of crude oil and natural gas and an extension of the mine's operation period by 15-20 years.

The installation expansion plan was developed with the help of advanced digital tools used within the Smart Field platform. The goal is to optimize the operation of both mines.

The Lubiatów and Dębno mines are among the largest PGNiG mining installations in the country. Both mines exploit both crude oil and natural gas, with oil being the main product - in total, both mines produce over 480,000 tonnes of gas. tonnes of this raw material per year, which accounts for as much as 75% of the entire domestic oil production by PGNiG.

“The development of domestic oil and gas production is one of PGNiG's priorities. We engage in it not only significant investment funds, but also our extensive experience and the latest technical solutions. Thanks to this, we are able to better use the resources of each deposit, which is of great importance from the point of view of security of supply and sustainable use of non-renewable energy resources, ”said President Iwona Waksmundzka-Olejniczak, quoted in the press release.

Investments in the Crude Oil and Natural Gas Mine (KRNiGZ) Dębno will include, inter alia, on the expansion of the technological installation and modernization of the central center as well as the construction of an electricity generator. This will make it possible to connect three wells from the Różańsko natural gas field, from which PGNiG will extract approximately 80 million m3 of gas per year, converted to high-methane gas, the report also said.

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