PFR Ventures puts up 200 million pln for GreenHub

PFR Ventures has launched the new PFR GreenHub FoF program. It will finance projects related to combating climate change. Venture capital funds can apply for PLN 200 million, with a single fund maximum of PLN 80 million.

The new PFR Green Hub FoF program is to provide financing for the best climate projects and help fill the financial gap faced by entrepreneurs who need another investment round – say program managers.

“We are a company that manages funds of funds, i.e. vehicles that invest in venture capital and private equity funds. GreenHub is the seventh program under PFR Ventures. Five of them are dedicated to venture capital funds, one to private equity funds” – explains Małgorzata Walczak, investment director responsible at PFR Ventures for PFR GreenHub in an interview with Business Insider Polska.

Funds that want to apply for funds from PFR GreenHub FoF must have an appropriate investment strategy.

“This is money for entrepreneurs, not billions of dollars, but those who need a few or a dozen or so million zlotys. For us, the key factor is that the funds will have a dominant strategy or portfolio in climate tech (…)”- the investment director says directly.


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