PFR Ventures invests next 115 million pln in 3 international vc funds

PFR Ventures has added three international funds to its portfolio: DN Capital, Finch Capital and White Star Capital, allocating a total amount of PLN 115 million to them. Venture capital funds will invest up to double this amount.

“We are continuing the strategy of bringing the best foreign venture capital investors to Poland. We want to bring to the market the best investment practices that are already present in developed ecosystems. It is such a healthy competition that allows local teams to learn and improve, and over time enter into partnerships and invest “side by side” – said Paweł Borys, president of the Polish Development Fund.

In total, PFR Ventures has already invested in 13 funds with an international profile. They have over PLN 706 million from a public investor and have so far invested in 108 companies, 61 of which operate in Poland, the report also said.


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