PFR Ventures pumps 3.5 billion + PLN into Polish startups. New programs coming.

PFR Ventures is the most important player in the arena of Polish investments in innovative companies. It invests in venture capital (VC) and private equity (PE) funds, which then invest in young companies.

Over the past three years, funds have been channeled to 34 new VC and 7 EP teams. PFR Ventures has 18 VC funds from the National Capital Fund in its portfolio. They are at the “exits” stage, ie they leave the companies they have previously invested in.

The most popular are startups from the Enterprise sphere, i.e. those who prepare software for corporations. One of them is Autenti, a company offering digital signatures used by Alior Bank, BNP Paribas and PKO Bank Polski.

Marketing is the second popular industry. In this area, the Vue Storefront deserves a mention. This is an e-commerce platform where we can buy Kubota flip-flops, among others.

The roster is wrapped up by the Fintech industry, represented by Symmetrical Labs. It offers a tool that allows you to pay wages on request or introduce employee loans with zero interest. It can help reduce the stress of workers who struggled to tighten their budgets during a pandemic.

All three of them have closed the investment round in the last few months. Innovation Nest has invested in Autenti, in Vue Storefront Smok Ventures and Movens VC, and in Symmetrical Labs Finch Capital.

In the future, PFR Ventures is to announce further programs for VC and PE funds, as well as to recapitalize existing initiatives. Interestingly, the institution also plans to look at investing Polish retirees in alternative asset classes.


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