PFR and Bank Pekao want to co-finance the creation of 500 MW in renewable energy

The Polish Development Fund (PFR) and Bank Pekao will jointly finance projects for the construction of solar and wind farms with a total capacity of approximately 500 MW, said Tomasz Tomasik, director of the Energy Transformation Office at PFR.

“PFR is starting work on a program of co-financing market renewable energy projects that will produce electricity at market prices. We are now undertaking a pilot solution with Bank Pekao and I expect that we will sign the first business agreement this year, ”said Tomasik in an interview on the sidelines of the Energy Congress in Wrocław.

“The condition for granting financing will be the signing of a contract for the supply of energy produced from photovoltaic panels and wind farms for a minimum period of 3 years. There will be no need to present a won tender for the so-called power auction. Today, the market prices of renewable energy are so stably high that the financial sector is interested in broadly financing such investments, ”added the director.


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