Pesa has delivered a new tram for Toruń. There will be more

The first of the five new Swing trams, which the city purchased in 2020 through the Municipal Communication Plant, has arrived in Toruń.

The contract for the supply of five new trams was signed on July 21, 2020. Their supplier is Pesa from Bydgoszcz, selected in a tender. The cost of the order is approximately PLN 46.4 million.

“We ordered five modern trams in Pesa in Bydgoszcz. Today we are picking up the first one, the next one this month, the next ones in January and February. All of them will go to the tracks in Toruń and will run to the satisfaction of passengers and passengers” – emphasized the president of Toruń, Michał Zaleski. “They are spacious, comfortable, with a slightly larger number of seats, low-floor, adapted for the disabled, with chargers, wi-fi, and most importantly – low-emission transport and we are glad that we have not only tram tracks in Toruń for 130 years , but on these tracks more and more modern trams.”

“I am very happy that one of the symbols of Toruń as a friendly city in which to live well are the Swings produced in Pesa. So far, we have delivered 17 of these modern, comfortable trams to Toruń, and today we are delivering the first of five new Swings, three months ahead of the required deadline, and looking at the investments in new tram lines and the city’s approach to low-emission public transport, I hope that there will be orders for more” – said Rober Tafiłowski, vice president of Pesa.


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