Pepco Group believes it is ‘very likely’ to enter the large-cap WIG20 Index in March 2022

Pepco Group estimates that the very likely scenario is its entry into the WIG20 index of the largest companies in March 2022, said CEO Andy Bond.
“The decision does not belong to us, but I think it will probably happen in March, although it all depends on the technical aspects, including the trading volume – it is on this basis that the WSE makes a decision. to the WIG20 index in March. I perceive the potential entry to this index as positive news, said Bond in an interview with ISBnews.

He stressed that Pepco Group is primarily a Polish company and is “really proud” to be listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

“We do not currently plan dual listing, but we have great ambitions – we want to be a very big business. If we meet our assumptions, we will be a very large company by WSE standards. At the moment, we are convinced that the WSE is the right place to list our shares “- he added.

At the beginning of June, the fund manager at Skarbiec Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestycyjnych, Michał Stalmach, estimated that Pepco Group could join the WIG20 in March next year and become the 15th largest company in this index.

Pepco Group operates in two market segments: through Pepco (a chain of multi-branch discount stores) and Poundland / Dealz (a chain of stores operating in the model of impulse purchases of groceries, general purpose, seasonal and basic necessities sold in the uniform price formula). The company made its debut on the WSE in May 2021.


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