Pepco launches online offerings

The Pepco network decided to start trading on-line. According to Newseria, the company considered various online sales models, but in the end it was decided to cooperate with This means that Pepco will not launch its own online store, but the company’s products will be available, among others on,, or

When purchasing Pepco products from Shumee through a given purchasing platform (Allegro, Ceneo,, Morele,,, and Shumee), free delivery is required when choosing the delivery option via Orlen Paczka. The prices of other delivery options and the delivery time are individual for each platform. Details can be checked on the websites of the platforms, also given.

We have been analyzing the data and looking at the market for some time. Our research shows that as much as 71 percent. Polish customers of Pepco stores also do other online purchases at the same time. Interestingly, this is much more than in other European markets, where the average percentage of online buyers among our customers is 55%. We also had a lot of signals and direct inquiries about internet sales from our clients. – said Tomasz Tokarz, Operational Support Manager at Pepco, in Newseria.


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