Pennsylvania Governor visits NATO Battle Group in Poland

BEMOWO PISKIE, Poland – In a historic event, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf visited Army National Guard’s 3/278th Armored Cavalry Regiment troops deployed at the Bemowo Piskie Training Area, Sep. 13.

American politician and businessman, Gov. Wolf is the 47th governor of Pennsylvania and currently wrapping up his 2nd term.

“When I found out that Gov. Wolf was headed to BPTA, I was excited to see a familiar face,” stated Pennsylvania Guardsmen, Spc. Sydney Miller whose internship led to a previous meeting with Gov. Wolf. “Seeing him last year representing his community to seeing him here now, shows us that he truly cares about his troops in Pennsylvania.”

The visit kicked off with a meet and greet with the battle group’s multinational leadership, which transitioned into an overview missions brief led by operations officer, Maj. Justin Cassidy.

“Whenever senior leaders visit soldiers on the forefront it typically results in a boost in morale, and the visit of The Adjutant General and Governor of Pennsylvania to BPTA was no different,” stated Cassidy. “It means a lot to these soldiers when they see leaders taking the time to travel to them-it lets them know that one, they are not forgotten, and two, that their mission here is important.”

“I know a lot of them are excited to tell their loved ones that they met the Governor of Pennsylvania while serving in Poland. That is something they’ll never forget,” continued Cassidy.

During his visit, Gov. Wolf toured the living facilities and the dining hall, where he shared lunch with the troops. Later, he toured the training areas and met with soldiers one-on-one as they discussed memories from home and their experience overseas.

“As a soldier in the PA National Guard, it was an honor to meet the state governor,” stated Sgt. Katie Burke. “I know he has a very busy schedule, so it means a lot that he was able to come here to spend time with us and show his support.”

At the end of his visit, select soldiers were recognized by the Pennsylvania delegation for their outstanding accomplishments during this deployment. He also took the time to participate in individual and group pictures as well as ‘selfies’ with the soldiers.

“It was inspiring to see Gov. Wolf interact with as many soldiers as he could and he was eager to take a picture with all of us,” continued Burke.

This visit meant a lot for many of the soldiers- for them, this was an opportunity to share their stories and meet with familiar faces back home.

“I am happy and proud to have a governor that puts his actions to his words and I am thankful for this opportunity to shake his hand,” said Miller.

NATO eFP BG POL is a multinational task force comprised of representation from Croatia, Romania, United Kingdom, and the United States to increase interoperability amongst Allies and provides a strong signal of support towards Poland. The 3/278th ACR is comprised of Army National Guard troops from Pennsylvania and Tennessee.

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