Bank Pekao keen to finance large PV and offshore wind farms

Bank Pekao estimates that the market of prosumer photovoltaic installations is almost saturated. As part of the implementation of the ESG strategy, the bank wants to focus on financing investments in large photovoltaic farms and offshore wind farms, said Paweł Strączyński, vice president.

“Bank Pekao is the bank of first choice of corporations when investing in large solar farms and offshore. These are projects that are naturally interesting to us, because they are part of our ESG strategy and due to the fact that there is a mitigation of market risk, i.e. price risk and volume risk, because the Baltic Sea is a sea that has been excellently tested in terms of windiness. In addition, the projects of PGE, Orlen and Polenergia are implemented with foreign partners who know the realities well, and it works in a mitigating manner, ”said Strączyński in an interview with ISBnews at the DISE Energy conference in Wrocław.

He added that the bank is also waiting for the easing of distance restrictions on the construction of onshore wind farms.


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