PCF Group has a deal with Microsoft to produce AAA Project Maverick

The PCF Group has entered into a production and publishing agreement with Microsoft Corporation as the publisher, the subject of which is the production and delivery by the company to the publisher of a game from the AAA segment codenamed “Project Maverick”, the company announced. The total budget of the game is USD 30-50 million.

“The production of the game will be carried out by the company in the work-for-hire model, based on the publisher’s intellectual property rights, and will be fully financed by the publisher as the company completes the key stages of the game production contracted as part of the production process ( milestones)” – we read in the message.

The publisher’s total budget for the production of the game by the company is USD 30-50 million.

The conclusion of the agreement is in line with the strategy update announced by the company, according to which if there are attractive opportunities for cooperation with renowned partners in the contract work model, then the company will take advantage of them.

PCF Group is a video game producer specializing in shooter games. The group runs the production studio People Can Fly, founded in 2002, which is one of the three most experienced Polish producers of games from the AAA segment. The company debuted on the Warsaw Stock Exchange in 2020; is included in the sWIG80 index.


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