PCC Rokita does not exclude investments in the production of energy from renewable sources

PCC Rokita does not rule out that in view of the current situation on the energy market, it will decide to make investments that would increase the capacity to produce its own energy, also from renewable sources, said Vice President Rafał Zdon.

“Self-produced energy accounted for approx. 16% of the company's total consumption in 2021. In view of the current market situation, we cannot rule out future investments that would increase the capacity to produce our own energy, also from renewable sources, such as solar farms or wind farms. Electricity consumed from the beginning of this year was contracted mostly in advance. This also supported the results of the first quarter. At the same time, the energy crisis that started in the second half of last year increased the prices of all energy resources. This state of affairs was further reinforced by the geopolitical situation related to the war in Ukraine, ”Zdon informed during a chat on the Investor Zone platform.

As he added, this year the company adopted the assumptions of the decarbonisation strategy for 2022-2050 and is in line with the goals of the European Union's climate policy.

PCC Rokita deals with the production and trade of chemical products. The range of chemicals produced is of a supply nature for the most important industries. They are mainly the following industries: plastics, industrial and household chemicals, refrigeration, pharmaceutical, food, construction, automotive, textile and mining. The company has been listed on the WSE main market since June 2014. Its consolidated revenues amounted to PLN 2.2 billion in 2021.

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