PARP on SGH signed an agreement to support entrepreneurship

PARP and SGH will jointly create information and educational materials for entrepreneurs, organize seminars, conferences, trainings, workshops and other events aimed at promoting cooperation between science and entrepreneurs, combining scientific activity and entrepreneurship, supporting the transfer of knowledge to the economy.

Events promoting cooperation between science and business, research projects on entrepreneurship and cooperation in the creation of study programs. The Polish Agency for Enterprise Development and the Warsaw School of Economics have just signed a cooperation agreement.

President of PARP Małgorzata Oleszczuk and the rector of the Warsaw School of Economics, dr hab. Piotr Wachowiak, prof. SGH, 10 June this year. signed a cooperation agreement initiating cooperation between both institutions. Thanks to the agreement, the academic achievements of the university and the experience of PARP will be used to support the development of Polish enterprises. The parties declare their willingness to use each other’s resources and potential to achieve this goal.

Both institutions will closely cooperate within the field of using the results of research carried out by the university and initiating and organizing new research topics focused on entrepreneurship. PARP will support the development of study programs and topics for master’s theses. The Agency’s experts will also take an active part in the events of the Warsaw School of Economics, during which they will share their knowledge and experience in implementing aid programs and supporting innovative Polish enterprises.

  • The agreement signed with the Warsaw School of Economics is another step towards strengthening relations between entrepreneurs and scientific institutions. It is scientific knowledge and research and development activities that are the foundation for innovation, which is the engine of economic growth. On a daily basis, PARP implements activities aimed at the development of a knowledge-based economy, and one of our goals is to facilitate contacts and create links between the world of economy and the world of science – says Małgorzata Oleszczuk, president of PARP.
  • Both the activities of SGH and PARP have many common denominators, in particular in matters related to the implementation of research in the field of entrepreneurship, knowledge exchange, increasing the awareness of entrepreneurs in the field of running business and enterprise development. Thanks to this cooperation, we will be able to disseminate research results even more effectively among public institutions, business environment institutions, employers ‘and employees’ associations, as well as other entities acting for the development of entrepreneurship – explains prof. Piotr Wachowiak, rector of the Warsaw School of Economics.


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