Poland gears up for Expo in Dubai; 400 companies so far

At the end of April, the preliminary list of companies that will present their offers in the Polish pavilion during the Expo in Dubai will be known, said President of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency Krzysztof Drynda. He added that the pavilion would be completed during the summer holidays.

As Drynda pointed out, construction works related to the Polish pavilion are advanced. They are carried out by the Grupa MTP-FM Aldentro consortium. “The pavilion will be completed during the holiday season. At PAIH, we are also working on an economic program that will fill half a year of the exhibition and will be a response to the post-pandemic reality” – he said.

He added that work is also underway on a number of economic initiatives that will accompany the Expo. “For example, on December 6 we are planning the Polish-Arab Economic Forum, for which we are collecting applications via the website www.expo.gov.pl and we already see a lot of interest among Polish companies” – he said. At the beginning of 2022, PAIH is also to organize the Poland-Africa Economic Forum. “These will be events that, from the point of view of the region where the exhibition takes place, have great potential for Polish business,” he said.

PAIH is also planning a Polish Game Show. “This rapidly developing industry is a great advantage of our country, which we will also want to emphasize strongly in Dubai” – indicated the head of the Agency.

He pointed out that companies interested in participating in the Expo could apply for funding for this purpose as part of the support provided by PARP. “The results of the next recruitment will be known in June, but we already know that a record number of over 400 companies have applied to the program” – he said.

Drynda announced that at the end of April, the preliminary list of companies that will present their offer in the Polish pavilion during the exhibition in Dubai will be known. “We will close the evaluation of applications in the first round of the third edition of the Partner Program, which gives the opportunity to cooperate with PAIH as partners-sponsors of the Polish Pavilion equipment or accompanying events. We invite you to participate in the next rounds – companies can apply all the time, until January 2022. . ” he pointed.

The Expo in Dubai will be the first World Exhibition organized in an Arab country. According to the decision of the World Exhibitions Bureau, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Expo 2020 in Dubai has been postponed by one year and will take place between October 1, 2021 and March 30, 2022. The purpose of Poland’s presence at the Expo in Dubai is to strengthen the country’s image at the international arena and economic promotion.

The Polish Investment and Trade Agency is responsible for Poland’s participation in the EXPO 2020 World Exhibition in Dubai. The project supervising institution is the Ministry of Development, Labor and Technology.


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