Over the next 3-4 years, Unibep wants to focus on areas with good financing prospects

“Unibep has a very well organized business, but we can do it even better,” Blocher said during a press conference.

“We want to do it in 6 quarters to put the company on track to compete with the best. […] We will not be Budimex, but we may have similar indicators,” he added.

The president announced that in road infrastructure, Unibep would “go geographically wider”, it wants to achieve a two-digit annual increase in orders and profitability above 3% EBIT. He added that it could happen faster than in 3-4 years.

About the development segment, Blocher said he wanted it “to grow”. The goals here are EBIT profitability above 12% and expansion to the fifth location – a large or medium-sized city.

On the other hand, “in the short term, all efforts will go to Unihouse, which is in line with the trends of modern construction. The priority is to heal [this] business,” emphasized the president. This is to be expressed by “change of losses to EBIT above 2%”.

At the end of April, the supervisory board of Unibep decided to change the function of Leszek Gołąbiecki from president of the management board to vice-president and to appoint Dariusz Blocher to the position of president of the management board of the 6th term of office, with effect from May 9 this year.

Unibep operates in various segments of the construction industry. It is a general contractor in Poland, with a strong position as a builder of housing estates and cubature facilities, and working in the energy and industrial segment. For years, the company has had a modular house factory in Poland (it sells them mainly to the German market and Scandinavian countries), operates in infrastructure (builds roads and bridges, viaducts and other engineering structures) mainly in north-eastern Poland. The company – through Unidevelopment – also conducts development activities in Warsaw, Poznań, Radom and the Tri-City. Unibep has been listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since 2008. Its consolidated sales revenues reached PLN 2,258 million in 2022.


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