Orlen to buy Romanian Rompetrol?

PKN Orlen “conceptually looks” in terms of acquisitions in many directions, not only Romania, but no decision has been made and no research is being carried out, informed CEO Daniel Obajtek. “We are looking at many directions conceptually, because a concern that does not do this is not developing, but I will by no means confirm that it is only Romania” – Obajtek said during a press conference, referring to media reports that PKN Orlen is conducting a due diligence diligence of the Romanian Rompetrol, the owner of two refineries and a network of petrol stations.

“In Romania, we have a bitumen market, it is a market close to our refineries, but no decisions have been made and no research is being conducted” – he assured.

He also noted that PKN Orlen wants to increase the share of foreign fuel stations in the Orlen network from the current 35 percent up to 40 percent.


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