Orlen will be the first in Poland to test a private 5G network

“The tests will take place at the company’s main plant in Płock, and will last until February 2022. They will be carried out in the real industrial environment based on the infrastructure of a production plant.

The tests Their implementation will be possible, among others thanks to the consent issued by the Office of Electronic Communications – the company said.

“We are a modern multi-energy concern that responds to global trends and constantly implements innovative technologies. We see the benefits of using a private industrial 5G network. It will allow us to better use the digitization potential of our production processes, thanks to which the operation of the Plant in Płock will be more efficient and reliable (…)”- stated the president of PKN Orlen Daniel Obajtek, quoted in the company’s announcement.

According to Patrycja Klarecka, member of the management board of the Płock concern for retail sales, which is also responsible there for IT, “in the future, 5G technology may be used in all segments of PKN Orlen’s operations”


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