Government changes definition of “courier services”

The Ministry of State Assets, headed by Jacek Sasin, is preparing for changes in the postal law. The information included in the list of government legislative works shows that the amendment is to abolish the obligation for postal operators to finance the cost of subsidies for Poczta Polska, and to recognize the delivery of parcels using automatic machines as courier services.

An important objective of the act being introduced is to remodel the provisions regulating the functioning of postal services in Poland, so that these services constitute a fully-fledged element of e-commerce activities. For participants of the digital economy, not only the sales service itself is important, but also the possibility of digitally ordering and controlling the delivery process. at the current stage of the digital market development, competitive delivery services must be provided with the use of innovative technologies and solutions. The proposed changes include, among others changing the definition of a courier package to include the handling of such a shipment with the use of automatic parcel machines.

Interestingly, the day before the information about the planned changes was made public, PKN Orlen, supervised by MAP, launched its offer on the market of parcel machines.


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