Orlen is interested in building a liquefied gas terminal in Police

Orlen Paliwa, the Police Seaport Authority and Grupa Azoty Polyolefins have signed a letter of intent regarding the construction by Orlen Paliwa of a Liquid Gas Terminal in the sea port in Police. As part of the cooperation, the wharf built by Grupa Azoty Polyolefins for the Polimery Police project would be used.

The construction of the LPG Terminal on the premises of ZMPP would include, in particular, an installation consisting of a tank park – cryogenic and pressurized type, and transshipment infrastructure for water, road and rail services. The terminal would enable the collection of propane delivered by sea and butane delivered by rail or road and further distribution for the purposes of the operations conducted by Orlen Paliwa.

The potential investment in the LPG Terminal is an opportunity for further dynamic development not only of Orlen Paliwa, but of the entire Orlen Group. The project has a chance to provide us with access to the global propane market, creating purchasing conditions comparable to the largest players on the European market. The prospect of purchasing the product volumes several times greater than the current possibilities would guarantee the company a leading position in the distribution of liquefied gas on the domestic market. Additionally, it would create an opportunity to improve purchasing conditions and transport costs. The new source of liquid gas supplies is also a significant increase in the energy security of our country – says Jakub Opara, Member of the Management Board for Logistics at Orlen Paliwa.


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