Orange Polska will purchase over 600 GWh of energy from PV farms from R.Power in 2024-2034

R.Power and Orange Polska have concluded an agreement under which Orange will purchase over 600 GWh of electricity produced by photovoltaic farms belonging to the R.Power Group in the period 2024-2034, R.Power announced.

The agreement is an important step towards increasing the availability of green energy on the Polish market and accelerating the energy transformation in Poland. Thanks to the agreement, the so-called effect will be achieved. additionality, as it will significantly contribute to the construction of farms that will be a source of energy supplies under the contract. After starting production, the Polish energy sector will avoid emissions of over 400,000 tons of CO2 during the duration of the contract, it was emphasized.

“The contract will allow us to accelerate the implementation of the strategy of building our own generation sources both in Poland and on other European markets and will increase the level of commercialization of projects from our portfolio. Currently, both in Poland and other European markets, we have 1.5 GW of projects with secured access to the network and over 18 GW of capacity at earlier stages of project development. The strength of R.Power is its stable capital, i.e. the Three Seas Fund behind the Group. Thanks to this, we can safely and predictably conduct the largest investments in photovoltaic sources throughout Europe,” said Przemek Pięta, president of R.Power, quoted in the release.

He added that increasing energy sales under cPPA contracts, such as the one with Orange Polska, is currently one of R.Power’s key priorities.

“This is our next step towards zero emissions and another agreement concluded in the PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) formula, but the first one regarding photovoltaics on such a significant scale. Thanks to the energy secured as part of this cooperation, renewable sources will also constitute at least 70% of our electricity consumption in the coming years. This means that we are already fulfilling our strategic goal of meeting at least 65% of our energy needs from renewable sources by 2025, even taking into account the dynamically growing traffic in our network,” said Liudmila Climoc, president of Orange Polska.

The company indicated that cPPA contracts (Corporate Power Purchase Agreements) are a solution that gives the recipient direct access to green energy and is an element of the implementation of ESG activities. In turn, the producer, thanks to cPPA, gains a guarantee of receiving energy at a specified price, which in turn makes it easier for him to make an investment decision and obtain bank financing for the construction of farms. From the recipient’s point of view, a long-term contract with a green energy producer is effective protection against sudden price increases and fluctuations, which allows you to focus on running your business without the need to constantly manage changes in energy prices.

R.Power claims to be the leading integrated independent solar energy producer in Poland, with a growing presence in Romania, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Germany. R.Power’s activities cover the entire value chain of the solar energy sector, including the development of photovoltaic power plants, construction of photovoltaic power plants (Engineering Procurement & Construction), servicing of power plants (Operations & Maintenance) and green energy production (Independent Power Producer). The company is currently developing a portfolio of over 18 GWp of PV and BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) assets.

Orange Polska is a provider of telecommunications services in Poland. Orange provides, among others: mobile and landline telephony services, Internet access, TV and voice over the Internet (VoIP). The company has been listed on the WSE since 1998.


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