Orange Polska plans for construction of towers to support 5G

Orange Polska would like to present plans for the construction of the towers in early 2022, probably in February – along with the publication of the results for 2021, said the vice president of the Orange Group Mari-Noelle His-Laveissiere.
“We want to present the results of the analysis on the towers at the beginning of next year, probably together with the publication of the results for 2021,” said His-Laveissiere during a meeting with European media in London.

The president of Orange Polska, Julien Ducarroz, emphasized that these plans will be implemented regardless of the cooperation with T-Mobile Polska as part of the NetWorks company!

“We are not considering changes in terms of cooperation with T-Mobile, because our activities within NetWorks! remain the same and we will continue to share assets to our mutual benefit, ”said Ducarroz.

“We are very pleased with NetWorks! Every year, we increase the scope and type of services provided by this company. Its model turned out to be beneficial for both partners ”- added the president.

At the same time, Ducarroz did not rule out infrastructure cooperation with Cellneks, which – according to him – can also build 5G-related infrastructure.


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