Orange Polska has further acquisitions in the field of IT security and Big Data on the horizon

Orange Polska, which exceeded PLN 1 billion in revenues from ICT services in 2021, expects that this market will continue to develop dynamically and that there are also further acquisitions of companies on the horizon, especially those dealing with IT security and Big Data, said the spokesman of Orange Polska, Wojtek Jabczyński.

“The ICT market will continue to develop dynamically because there is no turning back from digitization. I don’t believe in going back to pre-pandemic ‘normal’. If something works and pays off in business, it stays for longer. That is why we will continue our strategy, wanting to be a digitization partner for other companies. This is undoubtedly a win-win model. We also have further acquisitions on the horizon. It is especially about those dealing with IT security and Big Data, ”Jabczyński wrote on the corporate blog.

He indicated that the revenues from ICT were obtained by the operator thanks to the rapid changes and digitization of the market due to the pandemic. More than a billion revenues from ICT and an increase of 18% y / y are due to the growing position of all Orange Polska Group companies – Integrated Solutions, BlueSoft and Craftware. The last two companies increased their revenues by 27% last year, while the revenues of IS exceeded PLN 700 million.

Orange Polska is a provider of telecommunications services in Poland. Orange provides, among others mobile and fixed telephony, internet access, TV and voice over the internet (VoIP) services. The company has been listed on the WSE since 1998.


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