Orange Polska enters fibre JV with Dutch APG

The Polish incumbent Orange Polska and APG, acting on behalf of its Dutch pension fund clients, have signed an agreement to create a 50/50 joint venture.

Known as Swiatlowod Inwestycje (Optical Fibre Investments), it will operate a fibre network reaching around 2.4 million households in Poland by 2025, mainly in areas which currently lack infrastructure. Orange will contribute around 0.7 million fibre connections to Swiatlowod Inwestycje, including wholesale access to around 160,000 customers who already use its services. Swiatlowod Inwestycje will roll out 1.7 million fibre connections, thereby making the network, covering 2.4 million households, the largest independent wholesale fibre operator in Poland.

Swiatlowod Inwestycje will solely be a wholesale operator, meaning that Orange Polska and other third party operators will be able to access its network in order to offer retail services to their clients. Orange Polska, with its experience and technological background, will be the key technical partner providing network construction and maintenance, lease of network elements network, as well as other support services.

The transaction is expected to close by the end of August. Proceeds from the transaction will significantly strengthen Orange Polska balance sheet and will be an important element of the new strategy that will be announced in the second quarter.


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