Orange Poland signs new long-term renewable energy PPA

Orange Poland has signed a new long-term PPA to buy renewable energy in Poland. The purchase will allow ENERTRAG to build another onshore windfarm for the operator and it will meet 30% of Orange Poland’s energy needs.

This is the second Corporate Power Purchase Agreement signed by the company. Two installations have already been opened in Wielkopolska, satisfying 9% of the company’s annual energy demand. Under the new contract, a new wind farm will be built by 2024, consisting of a maximum of 10 turbines with a total capacity of 36MW. They will provide over 120 GWh of energy consumption annually for Orange Poland.

Julien Ducarroz, president of Orange Polska said: “At Orange, we are constantly striving to reduce our own carbon footprint by managing natural resources and energy efficiently, monitoring their consumption and reducing carbon dioxide emissions related to our operations.

“Thanks to another wind farm investment, we will be halfway to meet our ambition set out in the .Grow strategy, i.e. to use at least 60% of energy from renewable sources in 2025.

“I am glad that we are supporting the development of renewable capacities on the Vistula River.”

Orange Poland says supporting climate actions is one of its major goals and expressed in its global Engage 2025 strategy. The firm says that by 2025, it would reduce its direct and indirect emissions by around 65%.


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