Orange Energia has entered into cooperation with Signius in the field of electronic signatures

Electricity seller Orange Energia has established cooperation with Signius - a new supplier of electronic signatures, Signius said. The company owns a platform for remote signing of documents and will provide Orange Energia with its technology that enables the signing of contracts with customers "on the spot".

“Orange Energia needed a user-friendly system for individual and business customers, with no additional requirements. The main goal of our solution is to enable easy and accessible signing of contracts between the company and its customers in electronic form, without additional verification of customers' identity and without the need to set up an account by them. Our platform perfectly meets these expectations, which is why the company decided to change the previous e-signature provider and use our technology. The company must have a stable and reliable platform for this type of operation, and we are able to provide it. We create innovative technologies that drive digital transformation, thus supporting the development of enterprises, ”said VP Sales and co-founder of Signius Jack Piekarski, quoted in the release.

Orange Energia is part of the Orange Group. In 2017, Orange Energia was established, which since July 2018 remains the only entity in the Orange Group responsible for activities in the area of ​​electricity sales. Currently, Orange Energia is the largest independent energy supplier in Poland with a customer base of over 120,000.

Signius offers a wide range of solutions compliant with the eIDAS EU regulation: a modern platform for remote signing of documents for individual and business clients, qualified electronic seal, remote client video verification, timestamp and archiving of documentation. The company's headquarters is located in Poznań, and sales offices in Warsaw, Berlin and Prague.

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