ZUS exemptions for small companies

The Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) informed the owners of sole proprietorships paying contributions solely for themselves about the possibility of postponing the payment of contributions until the regulations allowing for exemption from paying liabilities to ZUS come into force, for which the deadline for payment of ZUS receivables for March is 10 April. These are i.a. natural persons paying the premium only for themselves.

People running one-person companies are waiting for the so-called Anti-crisis shield 9.0, which provide, inter alia, exemption from paying contributions for the next months of 2021 for payers operating under specific PKD codes. Such help was announced by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki by announcing the extension of the restrictions in force in connection with the development of the pandemic and the growing number of infections.

The Social Insurance Institution appealed to the self-employed who are waiting for another exemption from ZUS contributions and at the same time do not know whether, in connection with the announcement of extending these solutions, they are to pay contributions to submit applications to ZUS for postponing the payment of contributions. Importantly, the exemption will also include paid contributions – if the entrepreneur has paid them, he will be able to obtain a refund of the overpayment or use it for future contributions.


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