Onde had PLN 18.6 million of normalized net profit in Q4 2021

Onde recorded PLN 18.6 million of normalized net profit in Q4 2021 against PLN 17.1 million profit a year earlier, the company said in the report.
Normalized operating profit amounted to PLN 21.3 million, compared to PLN 20.3 million profit a year earlier.

Consolidated sales revenues reached PLN 289.7 million in Q4 2021 compared to PLN 266 million a year earlier.

In the whole of 2021, the company had PLN 78.2 million of normalized net profit compared to PLN 32.8 million profit a year earlier, with sales revenues of PLN 1,217.4 million compared to PLN 586.3 million a year earlier.

The reported profit for 2021 was PLN 46.2 million compared to PLN 32.8 a year earlier.

“The leader of RES contracting in Poland had over PLN 1.2 billion in revenues in 2021, i.e. more than twice as much as the year before. Similar dynamics was recorded in the case of the normalized operating profit - it increased from PLN 40.5 to 95.2 million - and the normalized net result, which jumped from PLN 32.8 to PLN 78.2 million, ”reads the report on the results.

“The rapid growth of our business and satisfactory margins do not mean that we will rest on our laurels. According to the plans presented during the IPO, we strive to build a development 'leg' in a short time. We currently have a portfolio of projects with a potential of over 830 MW, 300 of which we acquired in the post-debut period, thus using the funds raised from investors, ”said president Paweł Średniawa, quoted in the release.

Onde is a leading infrastructure contractor for the renewable energy (RES) sector, in particular wind farms and solar farms in Poland. It also operates in the road and engineering construction sector, implementing investments for road infrastructure in Poland. The company operates within the Erbud Group. Onde made its debut on the WSE in 2021.


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