OncoArendi Therapeutics has opened a modern R&D laboratory in Łódź

On November 22, 2021, the OncoArendi Therapeutics team officially opened a new research and development laboratory in Łódź. The laboratory space located in a modern building in the city center will enable the expansion and intensification of the Company’s research work in the area of ​​medical chemistry and molecular biology conducting screening tests, crucial for the effective implementation of OncoArendi’s further development strategy.

500 m2 has been allocated to the new laboratory area, which is more than twice as much as the OncoArendi team of scientists from Łódź had at their disposal so far. The new laboratories will be equipped with the highest-quality equipment, enabling world-class work, also in the field of molecular biology, which so far was only possible at the Warsaw headquarters of OncoArendi.

The new laboratory will conduct research ranging from the analysis of the structure of potential therapeutic targets to the synthesis of advanced molecules, drug candidates, which will then be tested in a cycle of in-vitro tests before proceeding to the next phases of their preclinical and clinical development. .

“The department of medical chemistry is the unit in the structure of our company in which the design, synthesis and optimization of hundreds or even thousands of chemical compounds takes place, from which one molecule (known as a clinical candidate) is selected for further development. Thanks to the fact that in the new laboratory we will also study the biological activity of the compounds we synthesize (both in terms of their expected activity against the assumed molecular targets and their potential side effects), we will be able to significantly shorten the time necessary to achieve this stage of the process of discovering a new drug. ” – says Jacek Olczak, Director of Medical Chemistry and co-founder of OncoArendi Therapeutics SA.


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