UK’s Cresset sells cancer design software to OncoArendi

OncoArendi has acquired a license for Flare’s particle design software from England’s Cresset for use by OncoArendi in its research programs, the company said.

Cresset’s software uses shape and electrostatics descriptors to help chemists understand the key interactions that underlie the biological activity of potential drug candidates. The latest version of Flare V5 combines the best computing technologies developed by Cresset, previously offered as separate modules, in one platform. Flare V5 includes an intuitive graphical interface for more effective and efficient particle design, explained.

“The starting point of the two projects in which OncoArendi has successfully selected candidates for clinical trials were lead structures advanced in terms of their pharmacological properties. The purchase of Flare software will help us effectively develop research programs in which such structures The starting points will have to be found. The Cresset software will also allow us to better understand the observed relationships between the structure of the chemical compounds we study and their observed biological activity “- said Jacek Olczak, co-founder of OncoArendi Therapeutics.


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