OLX wants to develop cooperation with stationary retail chains in the ROPO model

OLX wants to conquer more markets and, as part of these plans, develop cooperation with stationary retail chains in the ROPO (research online, purchase offline) model, announced the platform’s head of sales Dawid Fabiś.

“OLX offers a wide range of products and opportunities to take advantage of the ROPO effect. Gemius research shows that in terms of spontaneous awareness of e-commerce platforms in Poland, we are the second site. We don’t want to drive the competition out of the market, as it additionally drives re-commerce traffic, i.e. in the area of “second-hand” commerce. Instead, we see great opportunities to use our strong position in the re-commerce area as an asset for retail chains. The natural inclination of our customers is to operate in the ROPO model.” – Fabiś said at the presentation of the OLX Know How report “Re-commerce without secrets.”

As he pointed out, OLX has nearly 13 million users, of which nearly 8.5 million use the mobile app. They spend 63 minutes a month on the website and 58 minutes on the app.

“We have solutions dedicated to retail. In addition to consignment, our users use the option of self-collection, which together with OLX can drive customers to the chains. Retail has 2 channels for building in-store traffic – sales and newspapers. The market is moving towards online newspapers, and based on OLX’s visitation, we conclude that our traffic is 57 times higher than that of online newspaper sites. We propose a reverse gazetteer effect – the customer searches for goods and finds them in the location of a particular chain. He can add it to his favorites and wait for promotions. In addition, we can make the customer see where the goods are available. We can direct traffic to a specific store, where traffic is below the network average. Thanks to us, the chain can know what goods customers are looking for in a particular location, we give the possibility to dedicate a newspaper or promotion per store,” Fabiś mentioned.


The potential of local Polish re-commerce is shown by OLX data. In the first half of 2023, users posted 111 million ads on this site, 68% of which were used items, making the platform one of the leaders of the re-commerce market in Poland. Re-commerce, as this is the name given to the branch of commerce related to the re-sale of previously purchased items, has accelerated significantly in recent years. “Second-hand” commerce is also moving strongly online. 59% of surveyed Poles say they participate exclusively online, it was also indicated.

OLX is the leading e-commerce, re-commerce platform on the Polish market.


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