Poland slashes Russian oil imports

Orlen will import less Russian oil. The new contract also means lower bills.

The Polish concern will pay the Russians 1 billion pln less for oil than it did in 2020, estimates Rzeczpospolita.

Under the new contract signed with Rosneft, monthly crude oil supplies will amount to 300,000 tonnes It’s about 33-45 percent less than before. Under the previous contract, monthly deliveries oscillated around 450–550 thousand tons per month.

These are four large investments by Orlen worth PLN 8.3 billion. By 2023, a research and development center is to be established in Płock, and the production capacity of phenol is to be increased. Orlen is also waiting for the extension of the olefin complex, and the construction of a complex of aromatic derivatives in Włocławek.

Experts interviewed by the daily emphasize how important it is to become independent from supplies from Russia. According to Andrzej Sadowski from the Adam Smith, the goal should also be to provide cheaper fuel for the Polish consumer.


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