Non-returnable microloans for companies.

Kraków authorities encourage entrepreneurs to take microloans up to 5,000 PLN from the anti-crisis shield. 46,000 small companies have still not used this form of assistance.

To qualify for a microloan you have to be self-employed or have a bussines that employ up to nine people. One of the basic conditions for obtaining help is running a business before March 1, 2020. It can be received by people who suspended their business after March 1, and then resumed it, as well as owners of new companies.

The microloan can be used for any purpose related to business activity, for taxes, contributions, leasing or rental of premises. This is a one-time and non-returnable aid, provided that the company will operate for three months from the moment of receiving the support. So far, the Grodzki Employment Agency in Krakow has canceled micro-loans of 16,000 entrepreneurs.


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